Metálicas Zetra S.L.


From the first consultation of the client we will impregnate with QUALITY the treatment, the collaboration in engineering, the development of the process that more approaches the agreed requirements, the pursuit of the production and the service to our client.

We usually work with ferrous sheets, in different finishes, stainless steel: AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 430, aluminium, copper, etc.

We have a wide range of subcontracted suppliers for painting, alectropolishing, electrolytic treatments, anodizing and bar-turning.

We have an area of 10,000 m2 of facilities designed to meet the needs of our customers.

We supply the customer with his product with the maximum integration, including silk-screen printing and even assemblies on demand.

More than fifty clients from different sectors and concerns, leaders in the field they represent, honour us with their trust and loyalty.


Our products, have the unquestionable quality already from the initial processes, and are distributed both nationally and internationally with leading companies in countries such as France, Italy, China or USA.

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We serve markets as diverse as: Hospitality (very demanding with surface finishes), electric furniture (especially for outdoor use, very demanding with durability and Ingress Protection (IP Code), equipment for renewable (self-consumption, electric chargers), equipment for urban mobility (control units, stands and bike racks), automotive, the furniture and decoration sectors, vending machines, as well as the banking sector, TPM, information points and a long etc.


As a company specialised in the metallurgical sector, we offer our clients, in addition to the high quality of production, a complete design service through continuous research and improvement in the processes for the creation of the final product.

Programa para diseñar estructuras

Our engineering is based on the use of 3D programs obtaining an adaptation of the initial design, as perfect as possible, and thus we achieve that our production system, either by means of the laser cotation, folding, welding, machining, surface finishing and/or assembly, obtains the best final result for your parts.

Without forgetting to offer you a continuous and professional advice adjusted to your needs during the whole process.